The Pilot Championship Series is a series of tournament zingo competitions with many qualifying rounds and a grand finals with prizes! In the past we have hosted the finals at the esports Arena in Las Vegas with $18,000 in CASH prizes! This year PCS will be VIRTUAL and you can play from your house or your favorite bar on your own phone! More details are coming so please stay tuned!


Q: How do I qualify for the Finals?
A: There will be a series of Regional Qualifying promotional Zingo Games scheduled at locations throughout Minnesota. The Top 12 players and their scores, based upon an individual ZINGO Session, will be a Finalist.

Q: How do I register to play?
A: Each Region will host 2 Promotional ZINGO Sessions, starting at 6:00 pm. Each Session will consist of 4 ZINGO Tournaments. Each Session will be about 40 minutes in length. Players can register online to secure a single slot at a Regional Qualifier ZINGO Game Session. Walk-in Registration will also be allowed on a first come, first served basis. If there are available slots, players can participate in multiple Game Sessions at a venue, however, only their top score will be recorded.

Q: So, if I sign up once online can I then sign up for the other ZINGO Session slots when I am at the venue?
A: We want to allow as many people to play. If you have already registered and played in a Session, you can play again only if there are available openings ten (10) minutes before the new ZINGO Session begins.

Q: If I play in multiple ZINGO Sessions, do my points accrue?
A: No. Only your top score will be used to determine your placement for the Finals.

Q: Where can I see the standings?
A: This information will be available at www.pilotgames.com and on the game clients available for play at the venue.

Q: Where can I register online?
A: www.pilotgames.com

Q: What information is required:
A: Name, Address Phone Number, and email address (if available). This information will be verified at the on-site Registration.

Q: Will I need to bring identification?
A: Yes. You must present a valid drivers license or MN ID at the Registration Desk to participate. You must be a MN Resident and 18 years of age to play.

Q: Do my PGL points impact my ability to qualify for the Finals?
A: No. No purchase or prior play is required. All players have an equal chance.

** Official Rules **