PCS is going virtual this year! You will be able to play from the comfort of your own home! Free to enter and play and you have a chance at winning a portion of the $10,000 prize pool and exclusive Vikings Merch! The finals will take place on December 16th 2020 at 6PM.

Want to play? Just download PlayerConnect and register within the app!


How do I Register and play?
Want to play? Just download PlayerConnect and register within the app!

How do weekly prizes work?

There are currently no weekly contests in progress. Previous weekly contest results are below.

12/5/20-12/11/20 Winners:
1st Place Photo signed by Dalvin Cook - Winner: AL2018
2nd Place Mini Helmet Signed by Kirk Cousins - Winner: Bucks
3rd Place Vikings Cap - Winner: MadDog
4th Place Vikings Knit Hat - Winner: Berger
5th Place Vikings Knit Hat - Winner: FunFair66

11/28/20-12/4/20 Winners:

1st Place Mini Helmet Signed by Adam Thielen - Winner: AnitaAlibi
2nd Place Photo signed by Alexander Mattison - Winner: ScubaSteve
3rd Place Vikings Baseball Hat - Winner: MadDog
4th Place Vikings Stocking Hat - Winner: FlashDaddy
5th Place Vikings Baseball Hat - Winner: GandySam

11/22/20-11/27/20 Winners:

1st Place Football signed by Dalvin Cook - Winner: BirdieBoy
2nd Place Photo signed by Bisi Johnson - Winner: slimjim
3rd Place Mini Helmet Signed by Anthony Barr - Winner: Dan
4th Place Vikings Stocking Hat - Winner: Amex
5th Place Vikings Baseball Hat - Winner: JKarrigan

How do I qualify for the finals?
You may qualify for the finals in one of two ways - Five players qualify through Open Play and seven players qualify through Session Play.
Open Play

Five (5) positions in the finals are available through open play. Individual tournaments are scheduled periodically throughout the days of the qualifying season (Nov12-Dec8). Tournaments are 10 minutes 45 plays and are generally scheduled every 15 minutes however this schedule may change. Eligible players who earn the top overall scores in the following games will be qualified to participate in the finals for cash prizes. For example, there will be multiple Top Dog tournaments throughout the qualifying season. The player earning the record for most points in one of those tournaments will be given entry to the finals. Open Play qualifiers will be the high scores of the following games - Top Dog, Top 10, Mess O Perch, Pride of MN and Vikings Victory. Open Play Qualifiers End Tuesday Dec 8 at 6PM

Session Play

Seven (7) positions in the finals are available through session play. Session play consists of three (3) ten minute 45 play tournament games designated as a session. Sessions will be scheduled throughout the qualifying period. The following are the scheduled session based tournaments. The times and dates are subject to change.

Tuesday Dec 1 6:00 PM
Wednesday Dec 2 1:00 PM
Thursday Dec 3 6:00 PM
Tuesday Dec 8 6:00 PM

The total combined score from each of the 3 tournaments will create a session score for that player. Throughout the season, a ranking of session scores will decide the top 7 eligible players that qualify for the 7 positions in the finals. A player may compete in multiple session play qualifiers, however only the top session score will be the qualifying score. A player may only qualify once. In the event that a player in a qualifying position is deemed ineligible, the player next on the session leaderboard will receive the next position.

An individual is eligible for only 1 qualifying position.

A player may only qualify once for the finals. If an individual ends the qualifying season with the top score in 2 different games, the player will occupy one of the qualifying positions. The other position will be determined from the next highest score in either of the games where the player held the highest score.

In the event that there are not 7 eligible players available to fill the 7 session play qualifying positions, the remaining positions may be filled from eligible open play players who did not finish in a qualifying position. The positions will be filled with open play scores for single session games beginning with the highest score from an eligible player who is not holding a qualifying position.

No cost to enter

The 12 finalists will be announced prior to the finals commencing on December 16th. The finals will consist of a series of tournament games and the player's total score for all games played within the finals session will be the rank score for prizes. Finishing positions are ranked from top score (1st place) to bottom score (12th place)

Q: How do I register to play?
Just log into the PlayerConnect app with your PGL user name and password and you are good to go!

Q: Where can I see the standings?
A: This information will be available at www.pilotgames.com.

Q: Do my PGL points impact my ability to qualify for the Finals?
A: No. No purchase or prior play is required. All players have an equal chance.
Q: What are the prizes for qualified finalists?

Prizes were be distributed as follows:

1 $5000 - Milky
2 $1000 - FMLYGUY
3 $750 - RJ5616
4 $600 - Konzie16
5 $500 - Fishy24
6 $400 - MamaBear
7 $325 - DarkHorSe
8 $300 - BigSchmitt
9 $275 - SheDevil
10 $250 - AnitaAlibi
11 $250 - ScubaSteve
12 $250 - Jackpot108
Consolation $100 - BoonMee3

Total Prizes: $10,000

Consolation Prize:

During the final session, eligible players who did not earn one of the 12 qualifying finalist positions may play in the same session tournaments as the qualified finalists. These players are eligible for the consolation prize and are not eligible for any other prizes. The winner of the consolation prize is the player with the highest session score for the finals who did not qualify for the finals in the qualifying season.

Finalists will be notified via their PGL.world email address on December 9th and will be asked to confirm their participation such that alternates can be chosen if needed.